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welfare benefits

I am 66 years old and am still working part time, mainly I can not afford to retire as my husband has suffered for depression, for the last six years and has been unable to work. He has made several suicide attempts so is not malingering! I understand people do claim benefits they are not entitled, but these prospective cutbacks do worry people who really sick.  In fact you promised the cutbacks would not affect the poorest members of society, but it seems everything mentioned is affecting the very people you said would not be affected. ie unemployed people, the jobs are not there for anyone who wants to work. There have always been scroungers and work shy people. The job centre know who these people are. How are the single people to manage with benefit cuts?., the homeless will have no support agencies, the elderly with who barely have enough to live on.

MP;s and members of the government lead prosperous and cushioned lives. I would like to see you or Nick Clegg manage on a Pensioners state pension, or on job seekers allowance. Not for a month, but for a year at least with no 'cushion' in the bank to start you off. No money to start with would be good, Then see how you would manage with nothing to fall back on to keep you and your families alive. clothed and fed. Thats how people in the real world live!

The MP's are disgusting complaining about their allowances. Perhaps it is time to make the cutbacks affect their pockets.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Mrs Norma W