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students council tax

dear sir,

having voted for you i was hoping that you could help me with a matter regarding council tax.

my name is Neil Hill (FDSc) me and my partner are both full time  mature students with 3 children to support and as so we are entilted to full council tax discount which it does state on the website but in our region (Ashfield) the council do not seem to want or no of this rule we have e-mailed the council aswell as sent our forms in to the council we have also sent a letter with a snap shot of your own government website stating that we are entilted to full discount, i myself have always worked and do not see a need to sign on the dole or whatever you might call it and have not done so for at least 10 years. although i am entilted to sign on i do not feel that every 1 should just do this if they can manage without doing so.

the council are informing us that becaise we are not in reciept of benefits then we are not entilted to housing benefit, i find this astounding that because i do not claim 1 benefit that i cannot get another benefit, all of this just because i have a bit of self respect and pride that i have and can support ourselves by growing food on our own backgarden and putting enough money by to be able to pay our mortgage when not at university, which in turn means that our kids and ourselves have to go without a few things. the system is trying to force us to sign on just to try and get council tax benefit that we are already entilted to, so could you please tell me what my next course of action would be as we cannot as students afford the council tax, and this will end up costing the tax payer even more money as the only course of action that i can see would be to go to a solicitors and then go to court which would in turn cost the tax payer even more money.

this is just a ridiculous state of events which could be avoided by the council simply reading the governments own rules i have also put an attachment in with this E-Mail which shows the govermnets own rules regarding students and council tax. please do not hesitate to contact me.