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So where’ out at last, and all the luvvies are crying themselves to sleep, the usual suspects all the Film Pop and TV stars crying into their champagne, one tosser at Glastonbury called Damon Albarn whinged  Democracy had failed, when what had really failed, was the education system, since it apparently hadn’t taught him what the word democracy meant. All they cared about was the stock market prices and their fortunes. Not one of them gave a thought about Britain or the population, and unfortunately that includes the people we voted in to look after our interests, So I say again all those who voted in should be sacked next election, VOTE THEM OUT. You can see what type they are like Ken Clarke telling them to ignore the referendum, that old fart should fuck off and die somewhere, Jamie Oliver who is going to leave, well that will keep me awake for weeks, him and his pointless recipe for school diners that the kids won’t eat, Kate Beckinsale who live 8000 miles away and Chris Martin who wandered around all day with Apple and Moses, (he never said why perhaps he couldn’t manage to open the car with the key) let’s be honest here anyone who calls their children Apple and Moses doesn’t really deserve to get a say. They do however deserve to be charged with child cruelty or get a good smack in the mouth. And James Corden who lives state side, dribbled on about the youf being let down. WELL LISTEN UP YOU WANKERS almost a million people died stopping the Germans getting to this country, we weren’t about to give it to them so Cameron could get a pat on the back from ADOLF MERKEL, and if you had been there 60 years ago you would have sided with Chamberlin, and we would all be speaking German by now YOU GUTLESS BUNCH OF PATHETIC TOSSERS, We will deal with Europe on out terms, follow the world trade example, and if they place an extra tariff on out exports that’s fine, because we will just add the same amount to their imports into Britain, and since they sell us three times more than we sell them, we will probably make a nice profit, already the Stock exchange has recovered, the French are going to leave the border alone and the Germans are demanding a trade deal with us, and five countries are asking for a referendum, so looks like the EU is about to finish, as for Twats like Lorraine Kelly, well no one cares what she says, dragged Scotland out indeed we did everyone a big favour, we would have had to leave in 6-10 years anyway, If we stayed in they would have swamped us with crap and when the moved together for closer unity we would be forced to join or leave, that means accepting a bunch of faceless un accountable unelected twats running this country raising taxes and deciding everything, down to how many sheets of toilet paper you can use to protect the environment, and of course you would have had to join the euro, and all the Luvvies who live elsewhere would say WELL I’M GLAD I DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE, AND I GOT ALL MY MONEY OUT IN TIME.  AND THE BRITISH TROOPS WHO WOULD HAVE BEEEN SENT EVERYWHERE TO DIE FOR THE EU, and where would all the politicians and Luvvies be, the chattering classes would be  nowhere in sight,  there millions would be safe and they would be sitting in the sunshine with the Greens on a beach or a Yacht  somewhere. We have to keep the pressure on them and let them know there time is up. As  for who leads us through well as long as they weren’t for staying in, they should be OK which means ShiT FOR BRAINS Theresa MAY should not get a look in, these people are to ready to compromise. Tell that wanker Juncker and Merkel we will wait and see what happens at the referendum in Greece, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, and Austria has already put their borders back up, SO GOOD LUCK BRUSSELS because we have already been asked for trade deals with India, China, Canada, Australia, and that’s just the beginning.  I’M PROUD OF EVERY ONE WHO VOTED LEAVE. I was worried we might e pipped at the post but 4% was astounding .  
 “Dear Lord, the past couple of years have been very tough for me. You’ve taken –

My favourite actor, Patrick Macnee
My favourite horror actor, Christopher Lee
My favourite comedian, Robin Williams
My favourite singers, Cilla Black, Joe Cocker and David Bowie
My favourite author, Tom Clancy
And finally,
My favourite presenter Sir Terry Wogan.

So Lord, I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are:-
Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn, Jacob Zuma, Donald J Trump and that stupid cow from Scotland.