South Lincolnshire

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South Lincolnshire

South Lincolnshire:  Most of which is rural and solid Conservative! This area produces much of the food this nation eats.
The price it has paid for that with the last Labour Govenment has been underfunding of many of the county services for years.
We can also boast the worst roads in Western Europe. Many so bad that there is an advisory 40 mph on many lesser but vital routes outside of major towns. Most of us need 4X4s to survive driving over them. Lighter built vehicles do not survive very long. Road Tax has gone from £150 to over £400.

It's about time we saw some political justice and value for our taxes out here. How about showing some interest in  people who have supported and voted Conservative through good times and bad. We are not asking for the earth; just to be treated the same as all other tax payers in the UK and have the same good roads and services found elsewhere.
Loyalty is a two way thing. Remember we are here!