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Question Time tonight

I had to turn the programme over as no one is getting the message about 'No Money Left In the Bank'.  The message that we are in danger of becoming bankrupt and given a 'red' by China that we are no longer worthy of credit or of International credence.  Labour shouldn't even be given the floor to talk about the economy as they have 'floored' us as a country, but all anyone is hearing as per usual, is that there will be front line cuts and therefore, suddenly Labour are the 'darlings' again.. how good did they make us feel, we didn't have to work.  Why don't you state quite CATEGORICALLY what would happen if we went bankrupt,. and that we have, including the GOVT, been living on borrowed time as far as credit is concerned.  Also, QUANGOs, public service, Councils - most are lazy and bide their time until their FAT pensions.... please get the message across to the people and Councils, who are using Coalition Govt as an excuse to cut frontline services rather than cut 'expensive fat cats' in their businesses.  It's an outrage!

Councils and NHS waste thousands every year as budget system requires them to spend it every year otherwise they won't get the same amount.  It is then wasted on laptops, cameras etc... I've seen it.  Joke.  reward good accounting.  Also, Councils have their own departments internally to charge other departments internally 1,000s more than they would if they worked with local companies, Joke.

If anyone ever reads this, please take note.  It's not rocket science.  You need to talk and communciate as everyone thinks that you're just POSH and don't give a damn.  Make everyone aware of the bigger picture otherwise you will be out again.

I'm not a mad person, just normal and know how much is wastedin NHS.  I worked there, and someone from NZ was givena job for 28k for redesigning the corridor!  Hello?
By the way, everyone says that MP's don't know the real world, don't listen, change things without talking to the people who work there... god how difficult is it to run the country.  Come and see how it works in Education, NHS, GP surgeries.  What else do you all do all day, other than try and work out iniatives for something you know nothing about.

Can I be an MP please.. Job swap - you work with NEETs and I'll listen to people and form policies?!  Get the right messages across before you lose the people again!

Jo Leverett... I want something different and want you guys to get back to the floor!