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Leadsom out!

Just posted this on Digital - Pound getting a boost if Theresa's up to it!

God help us! Come back Boris! Come back Dave!

Mr D Akenhead 9 minutes ago
This is ridiculous, and I knew somehow it would happen. Just look at the two women last week in Prime Minister's questions! They both looked half dead! The only person who looked in the least capable as helmsman for the Britannia, was David Cameron himself. I suggest we all go on bended knee and beg him to reconsider his resignation for the sake of his country. The alternative in the knife-stabber does not bear thinking about. Cameron at least has a very strong message to send to the EU. If they care for their own salvation, the EU will listen to the people of our sceptred Isles, and never again will we be excluded illegally from their deliberations, as we were humiliatingly the other day! Akenhead
David A