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Jeremy Kyles show - Benefit Britain

Can I start by saying, I am a 40 year old single female and have worked from the age of 16.
I still live at home with my parents and have never moved out. I have been on the council list for approx 5 years now and don't have enough points to even consider putting in a bid on the properties that are available.

The reason I am writing is having just watched The Jeremy Kyle show - Benefits Britain (shown on the 24th Sept) I would like for you to actually sit down and watch it.

There are so many people in this country who are not even willing to go out looking for a job.
I partly blame them for being lazy and having no pride in themselves, but I also blame the system for making it so easy for them. I feel sorry for the people who are genuine and who are unable to work.
One lady on there has 6 children and 1 on the way, She is 27 and  has never worked. She get £1700 a month as well as free rent and council tax. She had the nerve to complain about not having enough bedrooms.
There was a gentleman on there that had been on benefits for about 11 years and bragged about all the benefits he was recieving. Before being on benefits he said he was in debt and couldnt afford the holidays abroad he gets now, while he was sitting there in his Fred Perry polo and jumper. I work in retail the polo on its own sells at £50.  

I would like to know why it is, that they are better off than the majority of hard working tax payers in this country. I am on quite a low income and unable to afford to move out of my parents house and due to only one wage coming in cant see things changing any time soon.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer my email.
Yours sincerley,
Miss Lisa M. Treen.