Jean-Claude Juncker - who's he?

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Jean-Claude Juncker - who's he?

Mr D Akenhead 7 minutes ago

"There is no place for hate, there is no place for revenge, no place for the contrary of friendship.” what a turncoat and hypocrite - this man has lost all credibility in the EU, and like Gove should go. If anyone stuck the knife into Britain, and David Cameron, he did! I agree with Therese Prieur, the man is an embarrassment, and needs to be locked away in a dark room!

Paul Clayton 56 minutes ago
As we on the brexit side have always said, they need to deal with us. Also Siemens and Airbus have confirmed they will be staying in the UK. So to all you chicken littles out there, the sky isn't falling !!

This moment when you are a Europhile and Junker speaks.

Can anyone take it upon his/herself and lead him to visit the Catacombs blindfolded without a map and having turned off the light. Thank you.
David A