Diane Abbot the epitome of immorality

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Diane Abbot the epitome of immorality

Diane Abbot, the epitome immorality,She has been working the system for years. Flicking back through Abbott’s greedy parliamentary records, in November 2012 she charged the National Obesity Forum £300 for giving a speech at its annual conference.
In November 2015, Abbott  journeyed to Uganda for four days to visit various organisations and charities involved in tackling AIDS and HIV.
Arguably, this trip will have been useful to her new health brief at that time. It was paid for by two UK organisations: Stop AIDS and AIDS Alliance.
She went with a member of staff.
Flights cost £2,784;
 Accommodation cost £380.52; and she was paid “other unspecified travel” cost of £172.
 Yet on top of this necessary expenditure Abbott claimed what she politely referred to as “per diems” – daily expenses – of £183.
Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world so how on earth did Abbott rack up such expenses?

Could she not have dipped into her own pocket instead of relying on the largesse of two charities whose precious funds are meant to be used to fight AIDS? After all, she has made over £200,000 on top of her MP’s salary via the BBC and other outfits over the years even though as a shadow cabinet politician she should not have received payment at all– only some of which paid for her son’s private education.

 Ms Abbott is the woman who accepted a £3,000 freebie from crisis-hit Venezuela;  who charged  ITV News £300 for filming a contribution to an obituary item; and who in 2013 appeared on a celebrity edition of ITV game show The Chase in which she won £1,000. She donated the money to a sickle cell charity but what viewers did not realise was that Abbott also quietly banked a £5,000 fee for her appearance on the show. What hypocrisy.