David Cameron's Legacy!!

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David Cameron's Legacy!!

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Austerity they argued, was unavoidable.

Unsurprisingly the poor suffered the most.

In opposition Cameron had said inequality mattered and there was no trickle down to the poor from the rich.

When Cameron was in office the Institute for Fiscal Studies confirms that money has been sucked upwards out of the pockets of the poor to cushion middle and upper middle earners.

David Cameron was a member of the Bullingdon Club and as a member believed....

Members of the Bullingdon Club are bred to rule!!

Any person who believes they are born to rule are usually born out the Rich Elites circles who believe the world revolves around them because after all they have lots and lots off money and expect others to bow before them......

Born with a silverspoon stuck up your arse does not produce a leader/ruler!!

The Cameron legacy.......

Cameron proclaimed the birth of a “new politics”.
His coalition government would he said, be underpinned by the principles of. "Freedom, Fairness and Responsibility”.

It turned out to be a bluff and under Cameron’s leadership the country has become Harder and Meaner, more Divided by Class and Region!!

Cameron legacy is about a Bullingdon member who thought he was born to rule but I'm truth was a Bullingdon boy who Gambled with our countries future, first with the possible breakup of the UK by giving a Scottish independence referendum.

Then Cameron Gambled with the UK's future in an In/Out EU referendum of which this Bullingdon boy was so pompous he had not even contemplated he would or could lose the vote.
It wasn't like he did it for the British people to get a say, it was all about trying to end the Tory divide/split within his own Tory party.

Gambled with our country's future twice he won one and lost one!!

It was not his to gamble with, it is our COUNTRY!!

We heard about.......

Green trees, social enterprise, the “big society”, free schools, hug-a-hoodie, vote-blue go green, the-NHS-is-safe-with-me.

Cameron promised a national tree planting campaign, “honesty in food labelling” and a pledge to “encourage live music”. These turned out to be distractions. Only Cameron's Deficit reduction that took precedence along with his Brutus and Harsh Cuts on the vulnerable those who have no means to fight back.

Cameron’s ambition was no less than to abolish the postwar welfare state itself.

The Office of Budget Responsibility recently forecast Cameron would by 2018 have a state the size it was in the 1930s.

This was the real Tory ideological agenda.

Lets hope this COUNTRY of Ours is never run not "ruled" by a Bullingdon member born out of Privilege with Silverspoon stuck up there arse who think that privilege earns you the Right to Rule but not Serve!!

I'm sure there are maybe one or two things David Cameron said he would do and actually carried out but none that helped to poorest or most vulnerable in society

Peter C
David A David A
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Re: David Cameron's Legacy!!

You are right. The old cosy cliques must go (I never belonged to any of them), and good riddance. When the going got tough, as with Scotland, he ducked. I won't forget that, nor will his country, but he was better than some unmentionables!
David A