Conservative Party reached a new low today

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Conservative Party reached a new low today

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May or Gove. I'm OUT! They both have records of crass incompetence, and neither are fit to lead my country, nor ever will be. Neither give a fig about national duty. It's all about power in the playground, which neither ever left!

Our Country is worthy of sterner stuff than vaulting ambition you two treacherous turncoats!

God Help my Country now! Even Trump could do a better job! At least, he genuinely cares about us as he does about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs thanks to the NAFTA accord which Obama supports, and which Bill Clinton signed - slavery by the back door, as it is affectionately referred to!- well it seems to me that's where the EU is headed. I believe Trump would like to extend his hand to Britain as well as Russia. The man is bold and has vision, I'll give him that! He's right - he challenges the unthinkable! NATO is obsolete in a corrupt Federal Europe! Immigration unchecked will ensure the blood on the streets predicted by that vile man (not unlike Gove, but more intelligent), Enoch Powell.

On reflection, I don't blame Boris. After all, would you be prepared to work amidst a den of vipers? What goes a round, comes around; they'll get their just desserts, those dregs, and then Boris may be with friends he can trust, after the odour has been flushed away, permanently! I feel like Corporal Fraser right now! We're doomed, Captain Mainwaring, doomed! Get a grip, Fraser! Get a grip!
David A