Competition to decide UK future energy

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Competition to decide UK future energy

I think the Government should take this project out of the competition and back it to the hilt, for the greater good of Great Britain.

My reasoning is that AFC Energy and its fuel cells are:

1) British technology.

2) British IP.

3) A fuel cell that can probably be manufactured 100% in the UK, securing jobs and keeping the revenues inside the UK. Government backing could secure this as part of a deal for backing them.

4) A UK Company that looks set to bring in £Bn+ in taxable revenue from outside of the UK over the next 10 years.

5) Backed by UK investment.

6) A solution to coal+CCS that looks to become the #1 World choice in UCG power production.

7) A solution to enable Waste-To-Energy, Biomass, coal gasification, natural gas and more, to become very high efficiency with 99% CCS, at a realistic price with an excellent ROI.

8) Leaving this project in the CCS competition might actually hold back the pace of UK UCG development, which, for the gain it would bring to the UK should be given a priority status.

9) Leaving the project in the CCS competition would be like putting a high-tech supercar against a 70's classic car. The adaptions to old technology should not be compared to this completely new and advanced technology coupling. Let the old motors fight it out on their own and take this one straight to the chequered flag.

10) With this technology Britain has an opportunity to back a technology that will replace the coal and gas power turbines of companies such as Siemens and GE, it would make Britain the World leader in highest efficiency, lowest CAPEX and OPEX baseload power generation.

11) It would make Britain the World leader in Fuel Cells, with GW's of them installed where other, more expensive systems will only have MW's installed

12) It is also proposed to site this power staion in the NE which