Coalition Government NOW Please!

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Coalition Government NOW Please!

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Only sensible course after Gove stabbed Boris in the back today, and Theresa has amnesia (I think she does, actually!) that yesterday she was a staunch Remain supporter! What a difference a day makes! We need the best brains in an emergency cabinet until Cameron can sort out his mess. Or is he going to follow Boris, and abandon ship too? Men of Eton seem to lack b**ls these days! Sad! If the latter, his speech in the House was no more than hot air, and he's as bad as the rest of the lamentable shower!

I just wish the American Election could be tomorrow, then at least we'd have a better idea where the Marie Celeste was headed! We can't go on drifting like this, helpless against the elements!

I say restore the Monarchy - HMQ is what we need desperately!
David A