Cameron's outrage

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Cameron's outrage

I was born in London, but my parents were born and bred in Cyprus, of Greek Cypriot heritage and I object to David Cameron's political leanings towards a country that invaded and occupied a free nation and which is still, after 36 years, refusing to leave.

I am 'outraged' that our 'prime minister' is showing bias to a nation that knows nothing about human rights and believes itself to be above international laws, so much so, that it has invaded and occupied a free nation,Cyprus, for over 36 years and that he doesn't seem aware that the occupied territories are not recognised by any government.

It is not that that EU is phobic or worried about having doubts about Turkey's membership, but the fact that they recognise Turkey as an aggresive nation, who are unable to adhere to international law, by deciding to ignore EU rulings re compensation for our lands and homes, or reaching a solution to withdraw and allow us back into our captive lands.

Cameron's views are that of a leader who is ignorant of the facts and is only thinking of the self interest of his country, money, power and leverage. He is supposed to be intelligent, but he has shown to have no knowledge of the Cyprus conflict. It would serve him well to aquaint himself with present day situations in the world, before becoming 'outraged' over a matter he knows nothing about.

If he was a man of principals, he would be 'outraged' at the fact that Turkey does what Turkey wants and rides roughshod over international law and peoples lives and he would have the guts to tell them. Unfortunately he has none.

I, for one, hope and pray that Turkey never succeed in their negotiations to enter the EU and thank God that Cyprus has the veto and we are not reliant on ignorant leaders to make decisions based on political gain to find solutions that would only benefit their self interests, instead of the people affected.

An 'OUTRAGED' British citizen