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A Letter in hope

Dear Mr Cameron, I hope you read this letter, you are in a position to make real change, I hope you can.

This is a letter more in hope than in expectation. I am hoping that the country that I was born into and the one in which I live is not free of voices like my own. I am hoping that by calling out others feeling lost will know they are not alone. The country I live in has changed, an insidious darkness has shrouded the light of all that was good and has left me searching for what makes me feel connected to this country.

Am I alone in fearing a state held to ransom by a press entitled to it's freedom but delighting in it's need for no responsibility? A press that can lie without adequate penalty for misleading it's readers. A press that can dictate government policy to the whims and agendas of a minority. A press that can scare a government into not regaining the upper hand.

Am I alone in feeling unconnected with a society that accepts there is a fundamental difference between people simply by birth? That there are those entitled to success, justice, wealth and power simply by the location and family they are born. Where others must accept their lot and know that decisions are taken on their behalf by people who don't know or care how they live.

Am I alone in feeling bewildered by a financial system that encourages and praises those who can afford to live but turns it's back in those
who can't? And not those who have no money to contribute but those who haven't enough to muster relevance.

Am I alone in seeing those who base their hatred, anger and loathing of freedom and real fraternity on archaic fairy stories allowed, with immunity, to spread their wickedness as a wrong a good society cannot bear? Where reason and equality is derided and misogyny and segregation is accepted.

Am I alone in my disregard for a system of justice that can be bought, not through corruption but through the quality of justice you can afford?

Am I alone in being unable to accept the significance of the insignificant as long as it can be controversial? Media that can do so much to inform and entertain is a sump for the bilge our society spews from the sickest recesses of it's over nourished belly. How can we see a national hate figure who can offend all one month be forgiven everything and be paid handsomely the next.

Am I alone in questioning how it can be right that a government does not ensure that every person it is responsible for has access to the essential services in life? But then to profit from allowing another agency to provide an unaffordable essential without rebuke is denying basic human rights.

Am I alone in thinking that a society that denies any of it's children an equal start is a society that shames itself? A society must be holistic and consistent in how it prepares it's future and must never discard any child because of where or how they live.

Am I alone in thinking that it is the duty of the strong to care for the weak whoever they may be? Should you not offer a hand to the lame, the sick, the sad and the lonely?

Am I alone in thinking that it is no longer enough to be a good person in this country? To seek truth, live with care for others and believe in equality with each individual your life path crosses. Our leaders squabble over millions when our people scramble for pennies. Our leaders hide from our media while our media erodes our soul. Our spiritual leaders tell us to hate where they should help us to love.

Every time I step beyond my door and look into the empty space that I call my home I wonder. Am I really alone in thinking this is just not